Saturday, 10 October 2015

Tarot – Osho Card on Laziness



9 of Water: Laziness
This gentleman clearly thinks he's got it made. He sits in his big over-stuffed chair, wearing his sunglasses, shaded by his umbrella, with his pink slippers and his piña colada in his hand. He doesn't have the energy to get up and do anything because he thinks he's done it already. He hasn't yet turned to see the mirror cracking around him on his right, a sure sign that the place he thinks he's finally arrived at is about to shatter and dissolve before his very eyes.
The message this card brings is that this poolside resort is not your final destination. The journey isn't over yet, as that white bird flying into the vastness of the sky is trying to show. Your complacency might have arisen from a real sense of achievement, but now it's time to move on. No matter how fuzzy the slippers, how tasty the piña colada, there are skies upon skies still waiting to be explored.

   -from the OSHO ZEN TAROT deck




I was meditating and pulled this card for my focus for the meditation.  The card caused a flood of thoughts.  Some of the thoughts were quite funny! I am sharing only some of the thoughts.  (Chuckle)

  • People that work hard and become successful have to work hard to stay successful.  They cannot stop forever.
  • A week at the beach is my limit, then I need to do something.
  • Achieving brings about the need to achieve.
  • No one ever is completely safe.
  • If you are going to be lazy, the beach is a good place to go.
  • Success is a blessing.  Do not abuse it.
  • Change is a good rest.
  • A career is impossible if one is lazy.
  • The beach is a place of peace if you are by yourself.
  • We all want to have fun.

You can add your own comments to the list.



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