Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Angels Speak - Good in Your Life


So many of us have so much good in our lives, that we often take some of the simple, good things for granted.  Many people, too, confuse abundance with having money.  Abundance is many things.  One’s consciousness of the many things may be lacking because it is never a focus.

Here are some of the good things in one’s life:

  • love from partners, family, friends
  • love from pets
  • good house and neighbourhood and community and schools
  • good food to eat
  • good places to shop
  • good religious/spiritual community
  • good job/work/career
  • good health and healthcare
  • good parks and hiking spots

You can add to the list.  Remember that what I think is good may differ from what you think is good.  That is okay.


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