Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Angels Speak - About Old Age



One of the discussions this weekend was on aging, and whether aging is changing. I think that our concepts of aging are changing.  It doesn’t matter if you are twenty-five or sixty-five. 

CBC did an interview with Canada’s oldest employee located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  This link to the story http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/oldest-employee-gives-advice-1.3252187 may change as CBC does change links over time.  What is noteworthy about this interview is the advice he gives for living a long, productive life.

Coincidence?  Perhaps.  Tricycle is featuring an article on what is taken away in aging and what is given.  You can check out the article at http://www.tricycle.com/feature/taken-away-and-given.

The Angels say that aging is a transition much like what happens to plants that die off in the fall and are reborn in the spring.  Our Ancestors lived about half the age that we are now living.  They paved the way for this future filled with abundance and leisure time.



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