Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Spirit Animal–Great Horned Owl and Wisdom



The Great Horned Owl parents debuted their three new babies in Fish Creek Provincial Park this past week.  The parking lot at the Ranch Restaurant is now full all the time as photographers and nature lovers come to see the family. 

The Great Horned Owl mother and father fly up to our area frequently and sit in the pine trees in our yard or in our neighbours’ yards.  I love to listen to their hooting.  They talk about what hunting is like, and what the breeze/wind is doing.  Sometimes, they seem to be doing a “life talk” about walking in the night to see life through different eyes.  Or, sometimes the talk is about choosing how to live life – either as a leader or as invisible.  Several times, the lesson seems to be about right eating and right action, two of the Buddhist’s precepts.  Always, Owl’s words are thought provoking.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever something important is happening in my life, an owl seems to appear for a few days. Oddly, I have always found the sound of the owl comforting. Thank you for this.