Thursday, 9 April 2015

Spirit Animal - Grizzly Speaks on Awakening



Grizzly says that coming out of the den in Spring is like awakening from a dream.  The dream begins with the air cooling off and every plant dying down, and when Bear emerges from the ground, the air is still cool and the plants are still mostly in sleep mode and just beginning to shoot up.

The new cubs are also awakening to the outside world.  They are inquisitive and playful and hungry.  There are many parallels between the Earth, the cub, and the parent. Everything is new again.  Everything is fresh.  Birthing is the theme.


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Anonymous said...

I was out hiking and ran into a great bear and her cubs. She stood up and stared me down. I was frozen. Then I grinned. She hurumphed and dropped down and led the two cubs away. What does this mean?