Saturday, 25 April 2015

Angels Speak - Sometimes, Moving Forward


Life lessons come in such different ways. And, life lessons come each day of our life, if we are awake enough to see the lesson.   Often, we are too caught up in the emotions and actions of each day to stop to examine the lessons.  We miss them! 

Here is a story that illustrates this.  I was working with a client in my day job. We were trying to work through a process in their Receivables department so that they had less month end work to do.  I wrote up the steps for the process.  I then walked through the process several times, and they could not seem to get it right.  I only had so much time so had to leave to move to the next client site.  The process did not get resolved.  That night, I was thinking and thinking about it.  I said to myself, “If only they could SEE the big picture!”  And then, all the light bulbs went on for me.  The issue was that they could not see where I was going with the process.  The lesson was about communicating.  I drew a diagram that night, and emailed it to them in the morning.  The email came back with a big smiley face on it.  They finally understood.


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