Sunday, 19 April 2015

Angels Speak - How To Over Come Being Offended



Perhaps I am getting more sensitive these days, and maybe I take offense more easily.  And, maybe, people are just more rude and say more offensive things.  What I do know is that being offensive is a sign of someone who is looking for power over you, and, being offensive is often the sign of someone working their way up to being a bully.

So, the other day when a fellow worker was saying things that offended me, I asked the Angels for help.  The angels – Michael, Gabriel and Uriel, all gave me an exercise to do when something offends me.

1. Ask yourself what is being triggered inside you to make you feel offended.  For example, did they say something that offended your sense of worth, your credibility, your integrity, your ethics, etc?

2.  Now ask why that is important to you.  When you know, move on to the next question.

3. Now ask yourself why this person is so important in your life that they can offend you.

4. When you make the connection that the person is not important to you, then you no longer have to be offended.  And, the person that was being offensive has been a good teacher to help you look at something going on inside of you.


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