Monday, 12 September 2011

Spirit Animal - Pigeon Talks About Protection


I think there might be something energetic going on in the world around children and protecting the children.  Yesterday, Kingfisher talked about children, and today, Pigeon is coming in to talk about children.  There is definitely a pattern.

Pigeon edged into the meditation every so quietly, and said that she had permission to be there from the Archangels guarding my space.  She said that she had something that she wanted to share.

Pigeon went on to talk about protection of the young and how it seemed to be a problem for humans because humans could not discern when they should be protecting and when they should be coaching.  I thought this might be an astute observation.  I asked her to explain.

She said that when the young are still dependent and not able to fend for themselves, then the role of the parent is to protect.    It is also the role of the parent to feed and to provide shelter.  As soon as the young become more aware, then it is time to alternate between protecting – as protecting from weather or predators – and teaching or coaching – as knowing when it is safe to fly and where to find the best food.

I explained that human children are not able to fend for themselves as quickly as her offspring.  Birds mature more quickly.   Her response surprised me!

Pigeon said that the pigeon group memory shows young humans, at four and five years development, acting more like adults – gathering food and wood and doing work.

I thanked her for sharing, and said that I would have to think about what she was saying.

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