Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Spirit Animal – Garter Snake Says “Ground”


The Garter Snake (GS) inhabits Fish Creek park and the surrounding park areas that angle off the rivers.  It works to be invisible so that it does not frighten people, and so that Hawk or Crow does not find it, and eat it.

GS lives close to the ground, and that, it says, helps it to stay grounded and in the now moment.  GS is known for its gentleness, and for the affection and attachment it may form with some people or some animals.

GS recommends following these guidelines for grounding.

  • Pick a warm spot to ground in.  Cold makes you slow down and makes grounding more difficult.
  • Make sure that the spot you pick is safe.  Perhaps travel around the area that you will be using and sprinkle musk, like we do, and keep out other animals.  Or, you may  create sacred space in your own way.
  • Get comfortable in your space.  Close your eyes.  Coil inward.  Let your energy drop down into the ground. 
  • Plan to bask for at least fifteen minutes in the warmth and grounding.  You will feel so refreshed!


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