Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Spirit Animal - When You Are Lost, Follow Someone Who Looks Like They Know Where They Are








A fawn followed this beagle home -- right through the doggie door -- in the Bittinger, MD area. The owner came home to find the visitor had made himself right at home.  This Hit the 6 o'clock news big time.

This adorable picture was in my email inbox today.  One of my friends knows of my love for animals, and she thought this would make my day.  She was right! 

This picture clearly shows that the Animal Guides are there for one another as well us for us, the humans.  It also shows how easily species get along, and how Nature takes care of her own.  The little fawn would not have followed the beagle home unless there was that gut instinct that the dog was safe.  The dog also seems pretty unconcerned and rather than hunting the deer, is in to taking care of it.

Our Ancestors knew that when they were lost that they could find a game trail and follow it to a river or lake, and from that point, find their way home.  They also knew that if they followed the animals, they could find food and water.  It seems like the normal thing for all of our relations to want to help one another because we are all one.

Our dog, Magic, was a rescue pup.  Some kind souls found him wandering along the highway.  When we saw him in October, he was very skinny for a three month old pup.  We wondered how he managed to survive without food and against the coyotes, foxes, and owls.  By way of explanation, the big horn owls love to eat skunk.  Magic is black and white with a white tipped tail that flips over his back and makes him look skunk-like. A big horn owl showed up in a tree in our yard shortly after we got him, and returned several nights to watch for Magic to be out on his own. 

We were pondering how magic survived with one of our friends who is an animal intuitive.  She said that she saw several flocks of birds that felt guided to guard him.  They showed him the safe places to hide; they showed him how to eat berries; and they warned him of any danger such as coyotes.  They even guided him to the highway where they knew someone would find him.  Her story explained why Magic loves birds.  When we take him to any of the pet stores, he wants to go and sit by the birds, and he whines at them.  Now, several years later, he still wants to eat certain berries on the bushes when we go for walks in the fields or in the forest. 

The small fawn and the story of Magic's journey to live really emphasize something that humans could benefit from - "when you don't know where you are going, follow someone who does!"

May you always have a path to follow and clear connection with your guides!

Judith   (See the Angels And Ancestors October newsletter at  www.angelsandancestors.com/newsletter/news0810.doc )

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