Friday, 26 September 2008

Spirit Animal - Python


Picture of python from

For several years now, out of the corner of my eye, I see a snake, much like the python in the picture  crawling along the wall in what ever room I am in.  I must confess that it startles me and then the vision puzzles me.  The Shaman say that when Great Spirit doesn't get your attention in the normal way, then you get bombarded with what ever it is using to get your attention. 

Well, over the last two days, I have been bombarded with snakes - discussion of snakes, pictures of snakes, and information on snakes.  I decided to pay attention!  I felt that a little bit of research would help me understand what I was supposed to learn.

Snakes, including Python, have several characteristics that make it different than other species.  First, its eyes are always open, and the eyeball is protected by an opaque scale. Second, when the snake is ready to shed its skin, the eye protective scale turns blue.  Third, the snake sheds its skin at least once a year and the new skin can be slightly different colours then the old skin.  Pythons have two lungs while most snakes have one lung, and science has proven that pythons have remnants of  a pelvic structure complete with hind legs.  So, perhaps the snake was once something else.

The message from python then, is about always remaining alert - keep your eyes open.  The colour blue is associated with truth.  The eyes turn blue.  There is definitely a message about "seeing" the truth.  Interestingly, the Christian writings portray the snake as the master of lies when our Ancestors show that the snake is about truth and about healing (one heals with the truth).  Eastern belief systems have long believed that the snake represents the life force and therefore use the snake as the symbol of kundalini rising either along the spine or through the chakras.  If there is life force, then the illness or disease can be overcome.

The shedding that Python does is about renewal.  If Python appears, the messages may include a reminder to let go of old things, old ways, or old memories.  It may be a reminder that one must let go of something to receive something new.  The message may be about trying on different skins - about letting go of the image that you are because of parents, or spouse, etc. and to find out who you really are.  Shedding skins is akin to shedding beliefs that inhibit one's spiritual growth.  Maybe it is time for you to become who you really are underneath all of the layers.

May you travel slowly and enjoy the journey!



Lanaya said...

Great work.

James said...

Channeled Python images today. Thank you for the education!!

Unknown said...

Thank you 😍

Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful. Thank you Judy!