Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sunday Oct 1 2017–About Healing


October is a time of big change for us because we go from fall into winter.  In fact, our first snowfall is forecast for early tomorrow morning.  As Mother Earth changes, it is a time for us to look at change.  Maybe, this is the time for you to practice some self healing.

The world is shifting at an ever changing pace.  The fears that are surfacing and then come to pass, are fears:

  • about loosing one's identity,
  • about poverty including lack of food and/or money,
  • about people having power over you
  • about lack of control
  • about loosing what one has
  • about pain and illness
  • about doing the wrong thing
  • about dying

Many of these fears may be overcome by spending some time learning how to do some quick, self healing.

Note that the self healing that will be discussed over the next month does not replace medical doctor's advice, and these blogs should not be taken as medical advice.

What these blogs are intended to do is to provide some coping mechanisms for the turmoil and pains that one might feel in their daily life.

Watch for the next blog posts about some healing strategies.


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