Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Saint Germain - Now Is The Time To Forgive


Saint Germain tells us that the next four months – July to October – are the months that we need to work on forgiving people in our life.  It does not matter what you think they "did" or what their actions were.  It is part of moving forward to find that space to examine the scenario, and let it go from your thoughts.

He suggests using this invocation.

Invocation of Forgiveness
Today, I call on the powers of forgiveness,
the hope that heals & wipes away resentment,
I am ready to forgive & heal old wounds.
I forgive you for the past, making way for friendship &
to forgive all who have hurt me in the past, deliberately
or by accident. I am ready to forgive myself for errors
made & things I have done in the past that I regret.
Healing replaces resentment, peace replaces anger
as forgiveness grows inside me, my heart lightens.
filling me with a sense of wellbeing & acceptance,
I embrace forgiveness, the great healer of hearts.

The invocation above comes from an earlier blog Ancestors Speak - We Are Temporary In This World


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