Thursday, 13 July 2017

Saint Germain - More on Forgiveness


When we live in a state of resentment and anger, Saint Germain tells us that we are doing so because we believe in retribution or punishment, instead of forgiveness.  We wish to take punishment into our own hands and it becomes revenge.  It is not spiritual and will create another round of karma that we will need to balance out.

With forgiveness, mankind must also learn compassion.  The compassion helps to incorporate another's experience into your energy so that you may see/feel/understand the other person's journey. 

Changing can take a long time.  Or, with Saint Germain's help, you can change overnight.  Call him in, and ask him to help you shift.  Visualize the Violet Flame as a very large ball of light that surrounds you and Saint Germain, and then bring up the issues that you have with individuals or with groups, and let go.  Forgive.


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