Monday, 31 July 2017

Saint Germain - Get Out Into Nature


Saint Germain tells us that often the best way to deal with a problem, dilemma, anxiety, depression, or just being off balance, is to get out of the house or office, and walk in Nature.  When we are out of our regular environment, we can shed the grind of work and email and family responsibilities.  We can breathe in the clarity of the smell of pine and popular and breathe out the toxic chi that accumulates in our body.

In the parks and woods or along a river or lake, you will find more freedom to talk to God/Goddess/Universe/Angels/Ancestors.  There is a joke that in the wilderness, the call to God is a local one.  In the city, it becomes a long distance call. 

Today, plan time to get out into Nature.  Feel the healing when you do.


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