Friday, 7 July 2017

Saint Germain - I'm Possible


The glorious thing about everything being possible, is that it removes the limits.  Saint Germain is associated with the Violet Flame (Violet Fire), which removes obstacles and promotes healing, Light, positivity, and helps us to love ourselves.

This is the time to remove impossible from your vocabulary.  This is the time to know that you can do anything.  IF you want to see some examples of how wrong judges can be about people, check YouTube to see all the singers that are now stars, making millions, that were rejected on American Idol, Britain/America etc. Got Talent, or on THE VOICE. 

You can find hundreds of examples where people were told their ideas were not any good, that they were too old, or that no one was interested, and then that person went on to achieve their goals.

You are possible!


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