Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Angels Speak - Words From The Wise



We want to be able to give.  The problem is that when we start giving, people expect us to give more and more.  Then, they are angry when we stop giving.  They call us selfish or mean.  When they can not get anything more from us, they walk away and out of our lives.  That is a blessing!

When we love, our love is taken and twisted.  We hurt.  When we can not take any more, we walk away.  And often, more abuse is heaped upon us.  We take our love and our heart, and we put it away in a locked chest.  It is safer there.

When we trust, people look upon us as gullible, and try to take away what we have.  We hang on to our money and our 'stuff', and they tell us we are stupid and do not know what is good for our own selves.  Then they walk away.

When we listen, lies and stories are rained over us.  The truth that we look for is not recognizable. Everything is about an agenda that someone else will benefit from.  We turn away.  We are called names and our intelligence is insulted. We are safe.


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