Thursday, 29 December 2016

Angels Speak - Stand Your Ground


As you move into 2017, think about boundaries, and standing your ground.  This is the year to be your own person.  This is the year to say no to anything that does not make your heart and soul sing.  This is the year to find your place and draw lines in the sand.

Yes, it is tough to say no to someone that you like or respect, or to someone who you think has more power than you do.  Know that a person only has power if you give them power in your life.  Even at work, you can shape your destiny.

Finding the right balance between being accommodating and being a hard ass is a learning process.  Don't worry, you can do it.  The goal is to make sure that everyone wins, and that you do not get pushed around.



Anonymous said...

Hello, Mrs. Judy. My name is Sabrina Randolph. I am fifteen years old and live in Colorado. I wanted to ask more about encounters with angelic spirits. I was once in a psychotic state, and had multiple "supposed entities" fighting for me. I had Caleb, a good guy, and Ralph, who wanted me to do things I never wanted. But, someone else stepped into my head. His name is Zuriel, but he preferred to be called Uriel. I looked up the meanings and such to this case. I will explain my problems to you: Horseshoe Kidney, anxiety disorder, unmanaged anger disorder, Autism and psychosis. Do you really believe that I was truly visited by Uriel...the Archangel? Do you really believe that he fought to drive away my madness? Do you believe that he was real, as to what I am telling you? Please let me know when you are available, thank you.

Judith Hirst said...

Happy New Year Sabrina. Thanks for checking out my blog. First, whether I believe you had the experience is not relevant. Do you believe in your experience? Second, I have my own experiences and I believe in them. If you want to chat you can email me at Blessings.