Saturday, 17 December 2016

Angels Speak - Be Grateful


Our Ancestors practiced the act of Gratitude.  They did this every meal time, and at the changing of the seasons.  To show how grateful they were, they put out offerings to Nature and the Gods/Goddesses, and they performed dances and told stories to hammer home the concept of gratitude to the young.

In this time, we seem to have forgotten how to be grateful.  We seem to believe that all is due to us.  We complain when we come from another country to this place, that is warm and welcoming and without war, that the monthly allowance is not enough.  We complain that we need more health care even though we smoke and drink and do drugs and generally do not care for ourselves.

The Angels say that it is a learning process – the act of being grateful. 

Start practicing being grateful today.


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