Thursday, 17 November 2016

Angels Speak - Be Strong


The Angels tell us that we need to be strong.  Strong in our physical body and in our emotional body.  By staying fit, the Angels say that we can more easily deal with the issues that are arising because of the chaos in the world right now. 

When we are strong in our emotional body, we do not get so upset that we cannot focus on what needs to be done.  If we are emotionally weak, we let our physical appearance fall into disrepair, and we can forget to eat.  Our Ancestors knew the value of staying strong.  With strength comes Confidence and Abundance.

What exercises help us the most?  Interestingly, walking or jogging slowly, or doing stretching yoga, are the exercises that will both keep you fit and will ground you.  These exercises will also help you keep your emotional body stable.  Sitting or walking meditation will support both your emotional body and your physical body.

A simple meditation that you can use many times during the day is this:

  • Put your tongue to the roof of your mouth
  • Set your timer on your phone for a minute
  • Close your eyes, or not
  • Breathe in and out for a minute, counting a breath in and out as one, the next breath in and out as two, etc.
  • The number of breaths in a minute is your 1 Minute meditation. 
  • Your pulse will slow down and your body will relax.

If meditation doesn’t work for you, try praying.


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