Monday, 21 November 2016

Angels Speak - Do You Wait For Friday?


The Angels tell us that we waste a good chunk of our lives in waiting for something that we think will make our lives better.  The best example is waiting for Friday… like Friday will magically change our life into something wonderful and fantastic.

When we work with TIME, we need to remember that time is a human construct.  Our Ancestors lived by sun and moon time. Nature still moves to rhythm or cyclic time. Natural cycles  is the harmony that we are all looking to achieve.  We can find it in the present moment.

Healing does not occur in the past or the future.  It occurs in the moment.  Watch animals that are wounded.  They find a spot that they think is safe, and they go there and sleep as much as they can so that healing occurs quickly.  Humans are so different.  They think that if they do this now and that then, they will heal. 

Happiness cannot be felt in the future, it can be felt in the moment.

Live now.


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