Thursday, 3 November 2016

Angels Speak - Decide


There have been some very high energy changes in the atmosphere recently.  These energies have been pressuring us to make decisions about what we would like to do next with our lives. 

The easy answer is to carry on as we are.  If that suits you, do it.  If you have been wanting a career change, then this is the time to make a switch.  Go back to school.  Get some training.  Find out if this new desire is your passion.  If it is not, you can always go back to your original work.

What changes do you want to make to your character?  Do you want to be nicer or kinder?  Do you want to be more giving or less giving.  These are some of the choices that we can make.

The Angels tell us that now – the month of November – is the opportune time to change what we want to change.


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