Saturday, 5 November 2016

Angels Speak - It is about Faith


Have you ever had so many things happen to you that even though the events are  not really bad, it takes its toll on your time and energy?  Some of these events might be:

  • Your illness
  • A child’s illness
  • A parent’s illness
  • A death in the family
  • An accident of some sort
  • A series of mistakes at work
  • People leaving your team
  • Friends leaving your circle
  • Job change or job loss
  • An appliance break down in your home
  • Car repairs
  • A disagreement in the family
  • Unexpected expenses for dentist or insurance

The Angels tell us that although we may feel like we are being tested, we are not.  The events that happen are accumulations of energy that are outside of our control.  We feel like we are facing some big test – and that is an emotional reaction.  Really, it is just life.  We can accept with grace, or we can fight and make our lives difficult.

With faith in ourselves, our lives, our friends and our families, we can move through events with grace. 


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