Friday, 21 October 2016

Nature Speaks - Take Time To Enjoy


Nature gives us so many beautiful moments.  Many of these moments go unnoticed.  We have become so driven to "do" that we are not remembering how to "be". 

The greatest gift of Nature is teaching us how to be – to be ourselves with out changing anything to please others or to conform to someone's idea of rightness, beauty, goodness, etc.

Nature does not live in the past.  Nature is always in the present.  This is why specific moments of beauty are unique, and will not be repeated.  Yes, an event may be similar.

What is a lovely moment?  It will be different for all of us.  Here is a short list of what different people consider a lovely moment.

  • New leaves unfurling in the spring
  • The birth of a baby animal or bird
  • Northern lights
  • Sunrise in the mountains
  • The sun sparkling on a river
  • The inflow of waves from the ocean
  • A bird singing in a tree
  • Seeing a butterfly on a flower
  • Watching wild flowers sway in the wind
  • Seeing leaves turn from green to gold


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