Monday, 3 October 2016

Angels Speak - Rest is Important


The discussion came up at work about whether you really need eight hours of sleep at night.  Or, whether you need more or less.  When we took a survey of ten people, one need about six hours, one needed ten hours, and the rest came in at around seven hours.  Funnily enough, all agreed that they constantly felt tired.

The Angels tell us that sleep is very important to our physical body because it is during sleep that we do the most of our cell regeneration.  Yes, we constantly regenerate.  During the day, however, we do not have the same uninterrupted flow of energy to dedicate to healing unless we purposefully stop whatever else we are doing, and spend healing time.

The Angels say that sleep is important to our mental body because when we are at rest/sleeping, our mind is able to categorize our experiences of the day.  If people are sleep deprived, they cannot categorize their experiences and will have hallucinations or breaks with reality. 

And finally, The Angels say that sleep is important for our emotional body.  Our emotional body is indicator of who you really are at the core.  Some people put on masks or facades to protect who they are.  Deprive them of sleep and their natural good nature or angry nature, or what ever nature will come to the surface. 

Starting today, plan out your sleep. 


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