Friday, 28 October 2016

Angels Speak - The Task of Creating


Creating is something that we all do everyday.  However, we do not think about it very much.  When we cook ourselves and our family a breakfast, we are creating.  When we move through the day, we are creating.  We are creating our life.

If free will did not exist, we would not be able to create with love and abandonment.  We would not be able to bring in new colours, thoughts, feelings, into what we do every day. 

For many, the act of creating something is a form of meditation.  The act takes you outside of yesterday and tomorrow and puts you right in the present.  In this space, you are connected to all that is, including deep love that runs through the Universe.  This love that is has no judgements; it is unconditional.  It gives us the space to do our life purpose of creating our life.

We are responsible for our life.


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