Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Angels Speak - Quiet Time


The Angels tell us that we all need quiet time.  If LIFE is wearing you out, it is a sign, that it is time, for some peace and quiet. 

Our Ancestors did not have the level of noise in their lives that we do now.  By noise, I refer to the hum of electricity, the noise of your fridge, clock, washer/dryer, oven, microwave, radio, TV, phone, computer, or any gadget that shares your space.  Outside, we have traffic noises, plane noises, train noises, and the hum of people.

We are charged with electromagnetic fields which bombard us all the time.  We are constantly wired without realizing it.

Space, air, and quiet help to diminish the noise that permeates our lives.  We are not really sure what absolute silence sounds like.

Find time to find quiet.


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