Sunday, 7 August 2016

Spirit Animal - Buffalo Speaks


The buffalo herd was resting or grazing in the late summer sun.  There had been lots of rain and the grass was rich.  It will fill them up and add to the fat that the animals will need to get through the winter. 

The sound from a buffalo caught my attention.  Here is what she said:

  • Enjoy the quiet times for they do not last.  Yet they are a time of peace so that our bodies can become balanced. 
  • Take advantage of the good food, and do not indulge in what tastes good but has no value to your body.  When you do this, eventually your body lets you down.
  • Community and comradery keep the herd healthy. 
  • Everyone in the  herd understands that the main goal is to keep the herd fed, watered, and safe.


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