Friday, 5 August 2016

Angels Speak - Mental Illness


This week, think about all the people that you know that have issues – especially those with mental issues.  It can be depression, Alzheimer's disease,  a form of dementia, manic-depression, bi-polar disease, a head injury of some sort, or any of the many diseases or disorders that are out there.  Know that these folks are ill and need our compassion. 

At the same time that you find compassion for them, if they are in your life, you do need to set boundaries with them about what behavior is acceptable when they are with you, and what behavior is not.  When you find that they are manipulating you by using guilt or emotions, it is time to look at the relationship, and determine if it is worth keeping.  Sometimes, you need to say good bye.  Other times it is manageable.

If the person is a family member, the decision is harder because there is a blood tie that makes one want to help.  Most of us are not trained to help those with mental illness of what ever degree.  We need to find good professional help, and, find a support system or group that can help us through the dark, painful times.

And, always, talk to your angels to make the day brighter!


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