Friday, 15 April 2016

Spirit Speaks–The Meaning of Fear


A friend sent me this poster.  I think it is brilliant!  It shows us that everything has at least two meanings, and probably more, depending on your view point.

When we are in FEAR, we forget the logical and the positive.  We fall into the conditioning that when fear strikes us, that the worst will happen.  We struggle to breathe and to stay in control.  We most often fail.  We choose to let fear overwhelm us.

Fear comes from that little part of us that does not believe in our own worth.  Fear comes from years of people (parents, siblings, peers) putting us down or "be-little-ing" us.

We are are more than the labels that people assign to us.  We all have courage.  We get up and do things every day. What flavour of fear will you choose today?


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