Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Spirit Speaks - Moving on From People



Sometimes, people you know and have shared time with, drop you.  They ignore you when they see you.  They do not return phone calls. And, they may even be rude if you approach them.  You have not done anything that you know of to upset them or to make them hostile.  What is going on?

Sometimes, on our journey, we meet people that we like and who like us.  They are on the same wave length and have the same interests.   Then something shifts for us.  We grow spiritually, mentally, or emotionally.  Suddenly, we are not the same person to those around us.  We have changed.  Usually the change is seen in a negative context.  And, our friends turn on us, and drop us.

Because we have shifted energies or frequencies, even if we kept them as a friend, we would not be happy with them because they will frustrate us with their world view.  It really is better simply to let them go.


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