Friday, 1 April 2016

Nature Speaks- Bringing in April 2016


Fig 1 – preparing the garden, source unknown

The turning of the seasons is something that I look forward to because it tells me that there are cycles. If there are cycles in one place, there will be cycles in other parts of our life. 

An interesting  exercise is to sit down, with no distractions, and list out the major events in your life, with the month and the year, to see if you can identify any cycles in your life.

Back to Nature – the message from Nature and from Mother Earth is that it is time to be responsible for your own food.  You can source it from farmers/farmer's markets, or, you can grow your own in pots. 

Herbs are easy to grow indoors. Use the herbs in all your cooking, and dry some to make tea.  Blend the dry herbs for different teas.

Here is a great tea recipe from Http://

Cold Care Tea

Calendula flowers
Sage leaves
Hibiscus flowers


  • Place a pinch of each into a glass jar. Boil water. Add water to the jar.
  • Place lid on the jar.
  • Allow to steep 8-10 minutes.
  • Add a little herb-infused honey

The best part about this tea is that you can grow these plants in your house, on your balcony in pots, or in your garden.  Our ancestors had two gardens – one for vegetables and one for herbs.  The herbs were the medicine, and they were gathered frequently.



Carol@studiobotanica said...

Thanks Judy, for sharing this recipe from Studio Botanica!
I love to craft tea recipes for specific results and try to make them very tasty so my family and herb clients enjoy them! Have a healthy fun-filled day! Carol

Judith Hirst said...

Hi Carol,
You are welcome! I love the things on your site, and I am happy to let others know about it. Peace, love and light. Judy