Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nature Speaks–Seaweed


Funny how humans call things that they do not understand "weeds".  Most of the vegetation on the earth and the ocean is plentiful for a reason.  Yet, they are called weeds.  Sea grasses and plants are part of the cleansing cycle of the ocean.  The plants filter out minerals that humans need to maintain their health.

The people of the coasts and islands have used seaweed for food for thousands of years.  Health gurus talk about the benefits of eating different seaweed such as:

  • high protein
  • high mineral content
  • antiviral and antibacterial

Feeling blue, and lack of energy?  Maybe seaweed will help restore you. 

Note that before changing your eating habits or exercise routines, you should check in with your doctor to see what his/her take on your new regime will be.


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