Saturday, 21 November 2015

Buddha Speaks - Peace is in the Present



Tonight, our meditation is focusing on “Peace Within”.  I was lucky enough to find this poster that shows a quote from Lao Tzu speaking on peace.  I think that when we feel peace in ourselves and our surroundings, we receive a triple fold blessing.  I believe that peace keeps us young.  I mean it stops our bodies from aging.  With peace, we have time to focus our faith and to feel the calling of our spirit. 

For me, peace is:

  • sitting by the fireplace with my husband, roaring fire, book in hand
  • walking in the park with my dogs and hearing the trees, the water, the birds, and the breeze
  • sitting in our arbour under our mountain ash tree, in the summer, being surrounded by green life and all the birds and squirrels that are in the trees
  • sitting in mediation
  • working in my garden
  • cooking and baking

What is peace to you?


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