Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Angels Speak - Nature’s Reward


Figure 1 – the quote comes from The Tricycle Community, Daily Dharma, at http://www.tricycle.com/


I love this quote because it reflects how I feel when I am out in the park, contemplating Nature.  I love the green, the water, the animals, the silence, and the peace.  I love that we can experience this almost out our back door. 

The way that Nature works always astonishes me.  Each time I am out and about, I see something new.  It may be the eagle’s nest that is now visible because the foliage is gone.  It might be the old heron who can no longer make his way south.  It may be the additional work that the beavers have done to their lodge.  Their work reminds me of all the renovations going on in our neighbourhood. 

It is all perfect.


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