Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Angels Speak–Is the Universe Friendly?


While having conversations about many different topics with friends, for me, the most interesting discussion is about the Universe, and whether it is friendly, or not.  This seems like a very big topic.  However, as different NASA missions look at planets, we have to start wondering what life is out there.  And, will we be happy to meet the unknown life?

I think that life is a pattern of options.  So, if we have all types of friendlies and hostiles in our environment here (city, region, prov/state, country), then those patterns will also show up in the Universe, repeatedly.  We need to be prepared to deal with unfriendlies and to welcome friendlies with warmth, the way we would greet any new neighbour. 

The conversation was fast and filled with different ideas and “what ifs”.  The conclusion seems to be that it will be exciting to find out more about the Universe and who lives where.


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