Thursday, 19 November 2015

Angels Speak - Losing Ground



I love this poster!  It speaks to so many things – karma, human nature, free will, politics… the list goes on.  Recently, I have seen this proverb played out in many different situations:

  • In Canada, as part of the national vote for a new leader of the country, the Conservatives threw dirt at the young Liberal leader.  The Conservatives lost the election.
  • In a company, the vice president threw dirt about an employee, to a potential new employer, in hopes of keeping the employee.  The potential employer did not hire the candidate, but did tell the candidate what happened.  The employee left the company because of the lack of integrity at a leadership level.  And the company lost a great employee.
  • Perhaps the best example is how Volkswagen has been hoodwinking the public about emission controls.  Faith in Volkswagen and its products is extremely low.  And, Volkswagen needs to spend a lot of money to make things right.


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