Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Angels Speak – More on Stress


Life is always wonderful and strange.  We believe that we have control over things that will happen in our life.  Yet, what happens is often a mishmash of events that conspire to create a circumstance that is beyond our control.  We have STRESS.

A good example of circumstances beyond our control is being caught up in a traffic gridlock because of an accident.  We drive home from work, looking forward to relaxing, a good dinner, and some family time/exercise/hobby time.  Then, it seems when we are fifteen minutes from home, some idiot has an accident and involves several other cars.  The road is blocked.  The police have to sort out the events.  Traffic is halted.  If it is a highway accident and someone is killed, the tie up may be for several hours.  In this scenario, we have done nothing wrong.  We are enjoying life, and yet we are prevented from being where we want to be by someone else’s mistake.

We view this as unfair.  We see this as being punished.  We feel stress.  As the poster says, we must “let go”.  Life moves on.  And so it is.


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