Thursday, 9 July 2015

Spirit Animal - Skunk Delivers a Message



Skunk created a home in a hollowed out log.  It was off the regular bike paths and hiking trails.  It was, however, on a deer trail.  Skunk never bothered the deer and the deer gave Skunk wide berth.

The dogs and I were out walking when I felt the tug to change our direction. We moved along the path that took us close to Skunk’s den.  As I started to smell that strong odour, I shortened the dogs’ leashes and kept watching for the tell-tale black and white.

Moments later, I see a good sized skunk sitting on a log, looking as though he had been waiting for me.  Skunk had a message.

  • The first part of the message was about respect.  Skunk said that he had the respect of all because Skunk was self confident that he could overwhelm any attackers.
  • The second part of the message was questioning the self respect that I had for myself and for others.  Self respect will keep you from judgement and anger with others.
  • The third message was about choosing the times to show your true self to others.  Skunk likes the evening and the early morning to gather food and to sing to the day.  Those are its power times.  Skunk asks what your power times are, and who you associate with at those times.


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