Saturday, 11 July 2015

Spirit Animal - Moose on Emotions



Moose has very long legs and the ability to hold her breath for a long time as she eats under water.  I was surprised the other day to see Moose at the retention pond in the park.  It was quite early in the morning, and the dogs and I seldom walk around the retention pond which is probably why we did not see her before.

Moose is equally comfortable in the water or on the land.  She has these messages.

  • When you are starting to feel some paranoia about what you are doing, it is time to wade into the water, so you can easily hear and see anyone trying to get close to you.  The water cleanses and it alerts you to danger.  Are you in danger because you are a threat to someone?
  • Often, when you are slow and easy going, people see you as a ‘mark’ and will try to take advantage of you.  Use this opportunity to see clearly.  What is really going on in this situation?


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