Thursday, 23 July 2015

Buddha Speaks - A Wonderful Story



I read this story on the Lion’s Roar website, and it is so good, I need to share it.  You can check out the Lion’s Roar at

I love this story because it brings back so many memories about my childhood.  I am grateful to Ira Sukrungruang for writing this to share.


Playing With Buddha



“The Buddha is with you,” his mother used to say. “Believe in him.” At age seven, Ira Sukrungruang believed that the Buddha was more than a bronze statue. The Buddha was his best friend.

I used to stare at the meditating Buddha in our living room: his straightbacked posture, his wide shoulders and narrow waist, his elegant hands resting humbly in his lap. This statue sat on a shelf seven feet high. Around him were other Buddhas, two yellow candles, and a cup of rice to hold incense sticks. He could rest comfortably in my palm and weighed no more than a couple of pounds. Yet he was heavy in spiritual weight, my father always said.

Read the rest of the story at the link below.


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