Thursday, 29 January 2015

Spirit Speaks - Your Connection With Others



I have been reviewing my life as I watch my 22 year old nephew live his life.  I find what he does so fascinating.  We are different and the same.  We are related by blood.

I watch the fun that he has with his friends.  Some of those friends he met when he was thirteen, and playing hockey.  Some of his friends were on opposing teams.  His group of friends keep peace with each other, guide each other, enjoy the spirit of life with each other, and genuinely express gratitude for the great things they get to do.  The six of them just did a junket to Vegas.  They did tours and went to shows and explored. They grew their bond.  He has friends that have stayed for a while and dropped off.  But these are his core.

I am lucky that I have several friends that have been with me since I was 19.  And I am several decades older now.  We still laugh and carry on, when we can get together as we are several provinces apart.  These friends are my foundation.  They have been my guides and they have helped me find peace with different situations.  They were the training ground for the rules of friendship and have given me the grace to go out and make more friends – some that stay and some that do not. 

It makes me realize that we are not just I or me; we are our friends too.  And that, I think, is a great treasure!


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