Monday, 5 January 2015

Angels Speak–On Climbing


The angels remind us, time after time, that we must all own our actions and our thoughts and our goals and our dreams.  We are in a free will Earth where our will rules.

If we want to reach the top of the mountain, we must set our will to that end.  And, we must prepare for that possibility.  Therefore, we must learn mountain climbing (corporate ladder climbing, or what ever) along with training, and having the best gear to achieve our goal.  We need to get out into Nature and to become one with Mother Earth for Oneness assures success.  We need to be mindful and manage our time.

It takes time, and money, and an investment in one’s self.

Many people cannot be bothered.  Then, they attribute other people’s success to luck, or knowing the right people, or other excuses that do not involve work. 

This year, own your future.


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