Sunday, 11 January 2015

Buddha Speaks–What is Here



Yesterday, some friends dropped in and we sat and had tea.  Our discussion was about many different things.  However, the conversation that stuck with me was about how people perceive heaven and hell.  In Buddhism, there is a quote from OSHO, noted above, that I think is relevant to everyone. 

Even with all our blessings, we often forget that we have all aspects of life on Earth.  When we are in meditation, or in mindfulness, we can move through the challenges because we are aware of the bigger story, and we can free ourselves from the emotional state attached to “be-live-ing” in a state of heaven or hell.  Remember extremes mean there is not any balance.

To be spiritual, to be in that place of observing and processing what is really going on, makes the Archangels sing!


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