Friday, 4 September 2009

Spirit Animal – White Tailed Deer Stag

White Tailed Deer Stag on Poplar Island

Picture copyright by Judith Hirst-Joyeux, Aug 2008

This morning, the dogs and I walked along the channel that separates Poplar Island from the rest of Fish Creek Park. I was astonished to see two stags grazing about 1/8th of a mile from each other. Both stopped to turn and look directly at me. The picture is of the second stag, even though the picture was taken a year ago. The deer seldom stray from the park, and therefore establish relationships with those of us that walk each day.

Our pagan Ancestors, who are also known as Earth Ancestors, saw Deer as one who represented the goddesses and gods. There are legends around Deer. In one legend, the Goddess Artemis hunts the stag in the winter, and kills it with an arrow. The Stag then transforms into the god, Cernunnos (Rome, Gaul, Celtic), who then calls to the Mother Earth to allow spring to begin, and the animals in uterus to be birthed.

Stag, therefore, brings messages around creation – being the creator that you were meant to be. He asks that you allow your self to birth the new idea and impregnate it with life, to become a full blown project. Many different types of artists have Stag as a power animal or spirit guide. Stag, for all his power, is gentle with himself. He knows how to stay hidden, and offers that you too may be in a time of transformation where you must keep to yourself to allow the change to happen, untainted.

As Stag’s antlers grow and harden through the summer into September, he becomes more visible to all of those he considers worthy. His message is to choose your friends carefully, and reveal yourself a little at a time. Discretion is a tool and a gift that distances you from those with greater density. Stag’s antlers are above his ears and act like tuning forks, picking up additional vibration that his ears cannot. For those that are developing their psychic abilities, Stag suggests that you reach out with your third eye sense of sight and hearing to touch more deeply into the other dimensions.

If Stag is your guide at this time, allow him to enter your dreams and day dreams. Ask his advice. He will answer. Sign up for Free Newsletter September issue is now online at See the article on “A Spiritual Conspiracy”!


sabina said...

makes a beautiful writing
thanks for sharing and enlightening
warm regards

Anonymous said...

thank you so much, your love and wisdom could not have come at a better time.

peace, love, and light :)

Judith said...

Thank you RmR, for posting. I appreciate your comments.
Blessings, Judy