Saturday, 13 January 2018

Energy - Stretching


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Stretching For Energy

Have you ever watched a cat or a dog after they have awakened from a deep sleep, or even from a nap? The first thing they do is to stretch. And, it is not just a little stretch, it is a front paw, open jaw yawn, gut arranging, to the back paw stretch. The stretch energizes the muscles as fresh oxygen rushes through the blood and muscles. How may of us take time to stretch like this in the morning?

Do give yourself permission to stretch for energy and health each morning and when you need a break during the day. Start with your toes and stretch them wide apart. Stretch your calves, knees, and thighs. Stretch your abdomen and hips by sucking your gut in and out with a deep inhale and exhale. Stretch your ribs and stomach by arching backwards and extending your arms over your head and backwards. Then tilt your head back and yawn. The first couple of times that you stretch really hard, you may hear tendons creak, and you might even see stars! This is a good indicator that you really need this regular stretch. Think about adding stretching to your New Year’s resolutions.

Many blessings.

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