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Energy - Beyond Abundance


Are you caught up in the battle to earn a living doing a job you don’t particularly like? Are you feeling slightly desperate trying to ensure that you have enough money for your family? Are you wondering whether your job is “good enough” to provide the income you need? Well, you are not alone in this feeling. Millions of people across North America get out of bed each morning and travel to work at something that they dislike. Because they are not happy, the effect cascades through their lives and the lives of their family. Just like the water in the Cascading Falls wears down the rock over time, the spirit is eroded by the feeling of futility and depression.

Why do so many people fall into the trap of living in a fashion that may earn them money but leaves them feeling unfulfilled? Most people are unaware that there is anything in life beyond satisfying the safety and security issues. They have not heard that there is tremendous abundance in the universe and that this abundance is available to all. For examples of abundance, look into nature. A tree produces more than just one leaf or one piece of fruit. Most vegetables produce more than one pod or bean or ear. The idea behind producing this abundance is that there is some to reproduce with and keep growing and there is some to give away. This is nature’s way of showing what is beyond abundance – that is, GENEROSITY.

When one fulfills what is needed to be happy and comfortable, when a person feels like they have excess - that is the time to show one’s abundance by giving to others. Have you noticed that even the people deemed the richest in the world give away a good portion of their wealth? Bill Gates, Oprah, Bono to name a few. Even Warren Buffet, the second richest man in the world, according to Forbes Magazine, gave his wealth to Bill Gate’s Foundation because he believed in the good work that the Gates’ were doing. When people are generous, it restores their spirit if they do it from the heart. When they do it because they want the accolades and want to be noticed, the act becomes part of the quest for security, and continues the erosion of the integrity.

People who seem to make lots of money, but don’t share it or share some of it grudgingly, do not seem to find the same peace as those who give generously. It does seem that one of the major differences between the “have” nations and the “have-not” nations is the degree that the wealthy of the country, on a per capita basis, donate to charitable causes or to where the help is needed. The have-not countries do not contribute back, but keep pulling the wealth from the land and the people, and from organizations that move in to try and help improve the overall situation. It seems that where activities out of integrity have been happening for a long time, the earth is rising up and taking back its generosity. Some recent examples are the Tsunami in 2004 and various earthquakes, floods and volcanoes in many third world countries. Time is a constrained resource and yet in the prosperous nations, people are willing to donate their time - that is to volunteer, for various activities from fund raising to working for free (planting trees in reforestation efforts, Habitat For Humanity, coaching, church fundraisers, delivering baskets to those families that need them, to name a few activities). Nations that do not have the wealth also do not have the same level of volunteerism. One could argue that they have a much harder time simply living. However, there does seem to be a correlation between how well people look after others through volunteerism and those that simply look after themselves.

The main point is that by recognizing that abundance already exists, and spreading that abundance through generosity, all people become part of the activity of making abundance. This abundance then circles back to all in the form of more abundance. The circle represents spiritual realms in sacred geometry. Therefore, when one goes beyond abundance, into generosity, one does the work of spirit. And, that is as it should be. And, it is.

(Article reprinted, by permission of the author, from Angels and Ancestors Magazine Volume 1 Issue 4 January 28 2007)

Many Blessings.

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