Sunday, 25 September 2016

Spirit Animal - Jack Rabbit's Luck


In many cultures, Rabbit is believed to be a sacred animal because he brings such good luck.  When a Rabbit died, people tried to preserve the luck by using all its parts.  This is why many people will carry a rabbit's foot when they feel that they are being unlucky.  In early days of television, the extra antennae shaped like a V were called "Rabbit Ears" because the marketing people thought people would associate the luck with the technology.  People were lucky to lock into the TV signal. 

Rabbit celebrates every spring with wild dances as part of their mating ritual.  Some believe that the May Pole dance is based on the complex hopping and movements that Rabbit does.  Many believe that when Rabbit runs before you, she is leading you to abundance.  And, when Rabbit runs away from you and does not run parallel with you, that Rabbit is showing that you will have mediocre luck.


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