Thursday, 1 September 2016

September 1 2016 - Do Something That You Have Never Done


The theme for September is CHANGE… whatever it is you need to change.  Perhaps it is what you read or watch on TV.  Perhaps it is the colour of paint on your wall.  Just maybe it is your friends that you need to change. or your job, or your house, or your city, etc.

Change is pretty scary for most of us because we are pushed outside our comfort zone.  However, if you stay in the flow, then change just becomes another day and another action. 

Feeling chaotic while you are making a change is sometimes a signal that you are going against the flow.  If you are feeling that it is a fight, look at your situation and write down what all the obstacles are.  Maybe you are creating obstacles where none should be.  Maybe you or others are creating drama where none should be.  Look at it with love and see if that makes a difference.


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