Thursday, 9 June 2016

Spirit Animal - Tracy's Story of Hummingbird


I am very blessed that many of the readers of this blog send me emails and wonderful stories about their experiences with angels, animals, and with the Universe.

One of the wonderful stories is the focus of this blog.  Tracy has kindly given me permission to share her story about Hummingbird.  Thank, you again Tracy.  May you continue to have wonderful experiences with Hummingbird.

                                  Tracy's Story

I went to my grandfathers grave yesterday, may 28th, 2016 - I hadn't been there in years due to the pain it brought. 

I sat and talked to my grandfather telling him the events of my life, crying and letting him know I was pregnant and scared, praying for strength to get through my abusive relationship, praying that he send me a sign like so many times before, finally letting him know that I loved and missed him wished he was still alive to guide me. 

About to leave I got up and placed my hand on the Mausoleum wall saying grandpa I love you so much and I'm sorry for not coming sooner I feel you in my heart. As I closed my eyes prayed and touched the part of his plaque that read Luis g. Delgado beloved grandfather(quriedo Abuelo)  a hummingbird appeared out of no where - fluttering what seemed like two inches from my face creating noise and wind. It scared me and when I opened my eyes I saw it.  My heart palpitating I backed up and knew! I smiled and thanked God and grandpa alike. I said, " I'll see you soon grandpa" and walked to my car and called my dad.

He said he's your guardian he's always looking out for you. I sat in my car and cried missing him but understanding he was ok and by my side. It's been seventeen years since he's passed and not having experienced anything like this before, it gave me strength and hope. My grandfather is the guiding light in the darkest journey of my life I love you and miss you everyday. I pray and talk to you and I know that you hear me now. I'll love you forever - Until we met again. I can't wait. 


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